Friday, September 12, 2008


Emma has been chillin in her own crib the past few nights and I'm happy to say that last night was a 10/10:30-5 am kind of night!!! We will probably be watching Hurricane Ike unfold and thanking Grampa Griffiths that we live in NEBRASKA!!


Grandma L said...

Way to go Emma. And the picture is adorable! And I can see the precious little finger that Daddy is wrapped around.
Love you all.

Mom/Grama said...

You're right grandma L. that is a precious picture. I'm sure glad she a little sleeper and eater! And just think Nichole she was just fine this morning AND you got to make some "nummies" Grandpa Goodchs name for those pastries that you sent with Ben to work this morning. And of course who else can you call at 5:20-5:30 and KNOW that they will be up. Thanks Kristen for the thank-you note!
Isn't that little Miss Emma just a doll baby??????

Lets just pray that Jake and the rest of those Texans stay very, very safe!

Love you all

kristen said...

Hooray for sleeping through the night! And awww, what a great picture.

And Nina, thank YOU! Haley's note is en route. :)