Monday, June 21, 2010

Yes.....this is my child.(if you ever had a doubt)

This picture should be entered into a "write the best caption" contest.

We're weird and I'm ok with that.

Peeking out from behind the couch...
Playing with some of Dadee's plastic :)
Vegging infront of the tv.....she likes if all of the piwwows(pillows) are on the floor with her.
I don't know....really. I don't. I do know that very frequently she sticks her hand through and has a make-shift sling when she wakes up from naps, but unless that appendage is purple or she whines I'm leaving it.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Interesting article on what 7 food's kiddo's need to eat.

Hahahaha.....Have you seen my child eat????? We have this LIST down!!!
Thank goodness avocados and blueberries are on sale this weekend, because when it's just Emma and I next week at home guacamole will be a staple.

Happy 23 months!!!

A quick trip to the zoo the other day.....telling the goat to NOT eat her shoes....they nibbled on the stroller enough.
Her ability to accessorize....very impressive!
and cute!
Chasing the polar bear back and forth trying to show him her little bunny :) This is where a couple of (*%&#) people said that she looked like a snack for the bear....KMA people! (No animals or people were harmed during the trip to the zoo :) )

Thursday, June 17, 2010

All within 3 minutes...earlier this week

This is only a sampling of what she was able to contort in that 3 minutes....if only I could do a slideshow off to the side to show all of the others :)

Sassy carpools to Colorado!

We stayed at Great-Great's and had pink frosted donuts.....
Dyed and hid easter eggs....
and played at the park. Gramma even went down a slide with me!

Back in the to speak.

A few highlights from Texas.....Mimi spoon feeding me salsa and guacamole.....I could live off of guacamole!!!
Table dancing....alot of table dancing....I didn't get any one's though.
And my Uncle Cake giving me what I cream.