Monday, June 21, 2010

Yes.....this is my child.(if you ever had a doubt)

This picture should be entered into a "write the best caption" contest.


Nanna said...

All the pictures are too cute - she's not a baby anymore:(
all I can see on the last one is "you joking..right?"

Grandma L said...

This is too cute! And Mother what were you doing to get this look?
Love Grandma L

Kristen said...

On Emma and Sandwiches:

And another disassembler joins my ranks. I'm so proud. *tear*

That sounds to me like a completely normal way to eat a sandwich. Or a Snickers bar. Or any sort of food with layers. Lucky Charms, you ask? Why, the crunchy bits THEN the marshmallows, of course. (Same goes for the Cap'n and his Crunchberries.) And don't even get me started on mixed vegetables.

It's a misunderstood life you are embarking upon, Emma. And you'll always be the last one at the dinner table. (Although, you might have some company since your mom is The World's Slowest Eater.) Either way, I salute you, Emma, my fellow disassembler. High five from Aunt Kristen.

Jamie said...

For the caption contest...
"Whatchu lookin' at mom...i'm the princess...THAT'S WHY..."