Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sassy's out sick today

Sassy cannot talk for herself today...she's still hoarse. She hasn't been able to squak/squeel/etc. since last night. She also had a fever last night...poor thing. Her dr. appt was today for her 6 month check up so we used this time to see what was wrong with her. She is a VERY tall girl....and she now has double ear infections! So off to her Hy-vee for her flavorful medicine...and off to the store for a new carseat as she's in need of her big girl seat!


Mom/Gamma said...

Hope the poor little thing gets to feeling better SOON! It's amazing that she didn't pull at her ears or anything else. Hopefully the medicine will kick in quickly - love you all.

Grandma L said...

Baby Emma is now too big for a baby seat - how can that be possible...she was only born a few weeks ago? Please give her a hug from Grandma L.
Love to all of you