Saturday, May 23, 2009

Such a Deal!!!!!!!!!!

Sassy got a playhouse today. I was heading home from Costco when I saw a lady a block and a half away from our house put a cardboard sign by this on her curb. I (being genetically predisposed for this) turn around and checked it out. It was for sale so I asked how much....35 dollars later it was delivered to our driveway!!! I know she can't use it just yet, but how could one turn this sort of a deal down. Now she has a small potting shed and this playhouse. Hmmm, maybe she needs a whole "neighborhood" in the back yard. ;)

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Mom/Gamma said...

A play house, and she isn't even walking yet! But, thinking ahead and $$$$ ahead doesn't hurt! I'm sure she had lots to say-----its a shame that you can't interpret baby language yet! Love to you all - I would have LOVED to had seen her this weekend!