Thursday, October 22, 2009

15 month check up!

Emma's info:

34 1/2 inches tall (above 99%)
27.10 lbs (above 96%)

Can say:
Mama, Dada, Pupee, Whatzat, Hi, pees, uh-oh, woof-woof

Likes: Cheese!, candy corn, mook, mac and chee, veggies, fruits, yougurt, cheese biscuits, books, going bye-bye, ballons

Dislikes: Scarecrows, scary dolls that open their eyes, dressing from waldorf salad, sometimes cabbage, and mommy not giving her candy corn or cheese biscuits

Can climb stairs and likes to open doors. Has recently taken up eating mud and sand.


Haley said...

Holy crap, she's turning into a human. This is weird.


I am oh-so-excited to see this little girl and hear her say mook. When y'all planning a Colorado adventure?

Mom/Gamma said...

She's growing like a weed - and I fear changing every day! She sure loves that food that she likes - really goes after those garlic cheese bisquits - but boy that head would frown and shake at a bite of waldorf salad too fun! And she's quick on remembering where the stashes of candy are - imaging her liking candy corn! Guess even Nichole's tastes are changing. Love you all!

Grandma L said...

Our little Sunshine isn't so little anymore. I predict she will be taller than all the females in her family.
Love to all of you.

Mom/Gamma said...

I'm with you Grandma L - I think she will be the tallest..... it's amazing how she loved that mud!

Jamie said...

Let's work on saying mimi next!! I will have to send her something with my voice!!