Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's been that long????

Soooo....in mid-July after we got home from the 4th of July and had a patio door catastrophe(shattered glass door=evil new neighbors in the back?), Mimi came to visit. Mimi has come 2 years in a row now for about a week each time to get her some quality time with Emma. Who is Mimi???? Mimi is Jamie, my cousin from Texas. I'm pretty sure Emma is her fave....I'd bet money, all my Coach purses' and a bag of Pretzel M&M's on it.
The week was spent going to the zoo, making/decorating cookies and cupcakes for Emma's birthday and....the birthday itself.At the zoo, the child has no fear of most of the animals.....with exception to some monkeys. She is kissing one of the many goats in the "petting zoo" area at the zoo.

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Jamie said...

Oh...I LOVE my bio!! And, yes, you are correct...she is my FAVE!!! BTW, the week included a shot...for Emma, not mimi...not too funny...The funny part was the monkey at the zoo that scared Sassy