Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wake me up...when September ends.

Sooo.....we were going to head down to Texas for Labor day weekend. My dad was taking Emma down a few days early and we were following after work on Thursday. That's where the planning endith.
Emma and my dad started heading down to Texas on the way she was not keeping fluid/food down, so they got to the state line of Oklahoma and dad stopped for the evening and see if she was just getting carsick(she has never been carsick). She was up that whole night asking him for water and then not keeping it down so the next morning I told him to take her to the closest hospital in Blackwell, Oklahoma(thank you google). Ben and I QUICKLY left Omaha and headed that way(to Blackwell OK). They ran tests...put a NG tube in her nose and determined that she would need to be transported to Wichita to a hospital to have a scope to see why she was not able to hold down anything. We met them in Witchita (her, the ambulance, and my dad) and waited another 36 hours or so of Emma not getting anything by mouth...
that evening we found out that she 1)had part of her stomach and intestine in her CHEST CAVITY and 2) they wanted to cut her open in less than 2 hours. (we saw this on the x-ray/scan)
So Emma has emergency abdominal surgery to "fix" a herniated diaphragm......the surgeon said 2 hours...(thank you Kim for translating surgeon time for us) 2 hours and 45 minutes later she comes out and states that the diaphragm was not herniated it was completely detached on the left side of her body, so it took longer than thought to stitch the diaphragm to her bottom rib.
Friday: PICU
Saturday: PICU
Sunday: Pediatric floor
Monday: checkout after lunch!

Then a week...week and a half later Sadie the dog breaks her toe (they think) Emma and I take her in to the vet and it's infected, and smelly, and both of her ears are infected. So I'm at the vet in a small room, with those smells, the vet, 2 vet techs, and...... Emma is screaming because 1)she is scared of anyone in a white coat now and 2) she did not want the vet touching her or Sadie-lady as she calls her.....

Luckily both are mended because I don't think I could have taken anymore.

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Jamie said...

No BSR, but at least Sassy is good and healthy now!!