Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankful....Day 9

Thankful for:

a awesome P.A. who snuck me in to another ultrasounds room for a better gender check.
sushi with fresh orchids on the plate
holiday candied nuts
my child hyper of off sugar
spending the afternoon with mom and stepdad


Nana said...

We were thankful for all of that! We were also thankful to spend time with Emma at home when she wanted to "throw up" and "my stomach hurts"

Nana & Papa Ray said...

Okay, Thankful for day 10. Emma was as good as gold. Even with throwing up after her parents left. The gender reveal cake - that I've never heard of - but was so spectacilar (sp) and being able to get Emma's bedding ready to go for bed that night, and fixing food for a day or two - life is good, and we rejoice in both of the little girls. Love to both of you!