Monday, January 25, 2010

Brown Bear, Brown Bear...

We saw the goldfish as you can see! We traveled to Kearney this weekend to visit Grampa and Grama Larson. Grampa and Gramma Harms stopped by to see us Sunday. Emma played the piano, rode on her tricycle, and ran wild with Klaus.
On a different note, let us hope that Emma's pronounciation of the word "sock" will not prevent her from entering any educational establishiments....heck, any establishment for that matter. If your wondering what the problem is just think...what do you use to seal sinks and tubs??? :)


Gamma said...

Such a joy to see her - her vocabulary is really growing! So glad you were in Kearney and so glad G & G Larson shared with us and fed us. It was the "icing" on Ray's birthday cake for us. Thanks! Love you all!

Grandma L said...

This has to be the best picture ever of you and Emma!
Have a great Friday and love to all of you.