Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Hello all!
I looked up the word resolution on Webster to see if it should be a resolution or a goal to update regularly. I've decided that it will be my GOAL to update at least every week. I'm sure some will hold me to that.

Since I've last updated:
Emma spent a lovely Thanksgiving at G&G Larson's house where she had all the trimmings and green onions. She particularly LOVED the Cranberry Salad. Click HERE for recipe. Minus the spirits of course.
In December we had several snow days that left Emma and mommy at home for multiple days at a time...not able to go bye bye.
First away from home experience was also in December. Uncle Jake picked Emma up and drove her up to Grampa Griffiths' house. We were right behind a day early though as if we did not head out it would have been a Sassy-less Christmas here in Omaha for us. Once we got up there we had no power half of the time and Emma decided to cut a tooth and get a fever. It was a Christmas we won't forget for quite a side note: we did eat quite well during all of this.
For New Year's we headed down to Arizona to Aunt Kristen's house. We spent many warmer days down there seeing sights and did I mention being warmer? Emma did quite well on the plane ride and she even got her own seat on the way back....such a deal!!!
This first week of the new year has been spent indoors there have been 3 snowdays in a row due to snow and the bone chilling cold.

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