Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Busy on Bedrest

Yeah, thought that title would catch your eye. I went in yesterday with the best of intentions. I've had no problems...with the exception of some swelling in the past few weeks. Well yesterday when my blood pressure was taken and blah, blah, blah was done. My P.A. announced that I needed blood work now and bed rest at least until Thursday. I have pregnancy induced hypertension on the verge of preeclampsia. I've been waiting all am for the doctor to call and give me word of my lab luck so I call and find out that the dr. is away for 2 weeks and the p.a. is off today. Well, great. I'm on required relaxation and no word....yet. The on call doc is going to rifle through my results and get back to me. Worst case scenario, little sassy gets out quite soon (like this week). Thank goodness for our friends/neighbors that came over last night to help us get as organized as we could for the day. I will not be attending our last birth class tonight as I was told no, so hubby is going and taking notes on infant care...and heading to Babies r us as there are things on the registry that we are in need of pronto!
Yikes! I'll update as the doc calls.
P.S. Hungry pregnant lady on bed rest watching food network not the best situation. Urgh!

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Mom L said...

You and "Sassy" (and Ben) are in my thoughts today as you relax and wonder. Of course I would hope that you could carry her to term, but not at the risk of your health and well being.
Hang in there (I know - what else can you do??) and I will continue to pray.
P.S. I hope it's OK that I sent a plea to my "prayer warriors" for their prayers in your behalf too.