Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hot Diggity Dog!!!

Go the results....finally!!!! Blood work was perfection! I am on strict bed rest until tommorrow. Then if my blood pressure is down and my fluid retention is less...I can go on a modified bed rest. I will take it! It only involves being in bed 4 hours straight during the day!! Then I can keep her for a bit longer and keep on baking! Good thoughts that the fluid is less and blood pressure is down :)


Mom said...

What a relief and blessing!!!! Hopefully you both will be doing well tomorrow. TV can become real boring real fast, as you have discovered. With all the hurried last minute preparations, when the day does come, all three of you will be ready. Love you all

Haley said...

Hi Nichole, Glad you got good news back. I hope things go well this coming week, keep me posted. Keeping you, Ben, and sassy in my thoughts and prayers. Love you all much!

Kristen said...

Holy cow, thank goodness! I just got Mom's email and trotted on over here to see if you'd put anything up on the blog. So glad you heard good news. You'll have to do some power movie-watching for the next few days (and I think I THINK you guys might have some to choose from). Will be keeping you all in my prayers. Keep on bakin' that little niece o' mine. :) Love to all three of you!