Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gripe of the Day

I have been more "positive" about being on bedrest as the days have wore on(okay more positive today :) ). However, there is one gripe this week that I can just not overlook. Poor hubby has been busy busy getting storm damage cleaned up, working on my list of items that must be done, and trying to feed me. I have been eating very healthy as he was in the dr.s office when she said "oh, yeah, no salt" so it's been lean protein, veggies, fibrous cereal, and fruit(thank you Sophie for the melon balls!!)...and LOTS of water.
So dear hubby goes to the store to get a few items and stops by a sammich place for supper. I request a salad, minus bacon and blue cheese (not appropriate for me). Mind you the salad comes with ranch on the side. Well, for the second time this week I'm given Caesar dressing! I'm pretty sure not the best for me, and puhlease....the second time!!!!! Earlier this week he went to another salad/sammich place and they just jacked up my order I ordered asian chicken and got chicken caesar. As you see it does not seem to pay to eat salads lately. Poor hubby, I shan't tell him. Ignorance is bliss.

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