Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy


The past few weeks has been busy!

I see that the birthday poll is at a tie...I guess the theme will be a surprise until her birthday then! It will be one of those listed though.
Emma and I have been garage sale-ing(some lady told me Emma looked like a infant in a 2 year old's body), played in her new little pool, went to the eye doctor to clear up her eye and played with some of her new toys.

Yesterday we practiced using a fork with our lunch and worked on our walking skills. As per daddy's request, a video from yesterday!

This was her 3rd time through...the first time she went even farther!

Also a few cheezy photos for you to enjoy:


Kristen said...

Love the wobbly walking! Did you spike her morning beverage? ;)

Haley said...

I cannot believe it. She's mobile - look out! :) See you Friday. So excited!

Grandma L said...

Oh my, it makes me cry to see this little darling walking! Can't wait to see her again. Love to all of you.

Mom/Gamma said...

Now that she's on the go - watch out - I agree with all three of the Larson womens' comments - she's growing way to fast - can't wait to see her next week! Love you all!