Friday, June 26, 2009

Grampa steals Sassy's Food

I have learned that
1) Young babies/infants do not understand the concept of sharing yet. (Duh! Grampa)
2)Sassy will emit a ear-piercing scream if you try to take away her bottle or crackers/"cheerios".
3)because Grampa Griffiths tried yesterday to steal Sassy's food, today at lunch as soon as I gave her the cheesy duck crackers she immediately covered them all with her hands...looked around, and started to shove those puppies into her mouth as quickly as possible.

Poor Sassy


Haley said...

Well can you blame the girl?!?! She's wasting away! :)

wifeogeek said...

Ha! That "wasting away" will give you bicep/tricep's of steel!

Mom/Gamma said...

I think when it comes to food - that which is in front of her - she deems Hers!