Tuesday, June 2, 2009

School's out for Summer!!!

Yes, I know you are all (all 5 of you or so) are waiting for new and fabulous pictures of Sassy. I can assure you that there will be some very soon.
The hungry little girl ate 2 jars of cereal/fruit this morning with her usual handful of organic "cheerios". You should see her little eyes light up when that box comes out of the cabinet and I shake it...Pavlov's dog move over!
We then play...today it was what happens when you tip your sippy cup upside down...you get some wet drawers! We read some books (her FAVORITE is Peek a Who....must be finding me some more by that author for her) and then she plunked down with her wooby for a nap. We may hit up Costco today....we'll see. I did a lot of golfing yesterday and parred a hole with a "Happy Gilmore" off the tee box, followed by a "Sammy Sosa/Babe Ruth on the fareway. It was awesome.
Get ready for some pictures this week!!

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Mom/Gamma said...

Happy, happy for all of you that school's out! I know that there are more than 5 of us that check this blog out. Glad you had fun golfing - may have to try it again?
Give her a kiss - hope to see you soon!