Monday, July 14, 2008

Doctor Appt. and some pictures

Today was my 37 week appt. My blood pressure was good (for me), but alas they found some protein in my urine so I'm doing my 3rd 24 hour urine test followed by a blood tomorrow at high noon. They did a quick ultrasound to check the fluid around sassy and it showed to be very normal and her heart rate was now we wait for the urine results tomorrow afternoon?
Here are some pictures for you.. one of me in my geek incubator shirt and one of a lovely quilt that my great aunt Nancy made for sassy.

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haley said...

YAY! I loooove the shirt, and the quilt is adorable. :) Glad you got some yummy food and your hubby back. Thanks for the birthday wishes, too!

GOod luck with the urine test and the blood work - thinking of you most definitely. I can't believe you wrote something about a "37 week appointment" doesn't seem possible (though I'm sure you feel like it's been longer!). I'm so excited to see you all!