Friday, July 11, 2008


I have eaten well (and with low salt), kept my blood pressure down....and the house is clean!!!!!!! Mom came and did numerous loads of laundry, dishes, vacuumed and made smothered burritos, steak fingers, mashed potatoes, chicken noodles, peach pie, rice krispy treats, and chicken salad with croissants for when she's gone. Delish!!!! She also went and picked up my diaper bag that I "shopped" for online and went to the grocery store multiple times. What will I do now? Also, she used the ped egg on my feets. May I say that for it being a "buy on TV" item it is freakin awesome!!!!!! My feets are smooth and soft and it didn't hurt a bit. I highly recommend getting one of these!
I did learn today that my blood pressure goes up when I know I'm getting a blood draw and when I'm going to get some pie!!! I can get it back down in 5 minutes now :) at least for the pie.


haley said...

hooray! sounds like your house is all in order and your feet are smooth and your bp is chill. a good combo. :)

and i think you should definitely post a picture of the diaper bag. i'm curious.

hope you have a great weekend! lots of love.

wifeogeek said...

in case I don't get a picture bag on the vera bradley web site.. in Botanica. it was 50 percent off! It's bright and cheery and it's all washable.

Kristen said...

Awesome! We saw the PedEgg thing on tv when we were up in Flagstaff last weekend (Cassie has cable - yay!) - I wondered if it was as wonderful as it looked. Now I know. :)

And the bag is cute! Are you going to get Ben a man's bag, or make him carry the pretty flowery one?

wifeogeek said...

I think Ben will be getting his own manbag for her...he always said he would find his own. :) Watch it being a laptop bag :P