Saturday, July 5, 2008


They did not wait for the results of all of the lab work...they(nurses) thought it was a bit ridiculous that I was still there. My blood pressure remained normal and I'm going to continue to take it at home every few hours (this am it was 134/77) just to show them when I go back into the drs. office this week. All of the monitoring of sassy showed that she was fine.....she did like to kick the monitor though :)
It was nice to have my dad stay with me all day at the hospital yesterday. Ben could go to his golf outing and get stuff done at home. Dad left this am, but went to HyVee this am and got me lots of fruits for this week(if it lasts that long) I LOVE my fruit. One of the ladies that works there even asked about me......sad indeed :P
Today I thought I would lay on my left side in bed.....then maybe, just maybe switch to the right for awhile, then back to the left again.
Enjoy your day!


Mom said...

Enjoy your fruit! I'm glad your taking it easy and monitoring your BP. Hopefully it will stay down...
Love you all!

Mom L said...

Nichole (and Ben),
I know it's an old cliche, but the only thing I can think of is - hang in there and you all are in our prayers as you "take care of" our newest family member and yourself!
Will be anxious to hear the next report. Mom L