Friday, July 4, 2008

"Happy" Fourth of July I write to you from my hospital room. I have been put on observation for however long they decide. They thought that my blood pressure was creeping up yesterday and that it worried them so now they check it every 4 hours (it was every 30 minutes) and they should be here to draw more blood in the next hour or so. My blood pressure is now within normal limits, perhaps one should not make me aware of a surprise blood draw and then follow it up with blood pressure findings, duh.
So here I sit. Jake came to see me yesterday and helped us out to take Charles to the vet. The vet made a crack about him not being without groceries.....ha, so funny, not. Other than trying to escape Jake's attempt to get him in the carrier all went as planned.
We were also supposed to meet the pediatrician yesterday, but that was canceled as I was busy being committed.
Please watch some fireworks for me today as the doctor will most likely not let me out of bed to see the big show this evening.

P.S. Hospital food not so bad......


Mom said...

Hang in there you guys!! I had to laugh when you mentioned getting charlie into that carrier--that can be a comedy show all of its own. Please continue to keep us updated - we love you all!

Kristen said...

Oh bummer! I'm sorry you're in the hospital, but glad they're keeping a close eye on you and the little one. I'll watch the heck out of some fireworkds for you.

And I'm with Nina - picturing Jake wrestling Charlie into the carrier cracked me up. I'll bet he has some nice "cat burn" on his neck from Charlie's death grip.

I hope the blood pressure stays down and they let you go home soon! Love you all!

haley said...

Nichole! I hope you guys found out good news last night. And yeah, it doesn't seem like rocket science to put the blood drawing induced/bp rise link together. I hope that's all it was and that you are home now. Always thinking of you all. :) What color of jello did you get at the hospital?