Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Update from yesterday's dr. appt

Well I went in yesterday and gave them my bucket o pee and got my blood drawn. Whilst I was there the dr came in for visit and discussed my options. She thought that the urine would come back quite high and wanted to prep me for several options. Option one was if it was low then another few days at home. If it was in the middle then induced last night. Lastly, if it was high then C-section last night. Results were upper-middlin. So she also did a internal yesterday...geesh, I just had one on Monday! I was nothing on Monday an yesterday I was about 2 cm and 50%. She was surprised and happy, induction/breaking water would go much easier!
She called a few times and she had talked to some high risk drs. and they asked if I could go until Friday or Saturday which will make me about 38 weeks. She said sure my BP has been fairly decent on bed rest. She believed that i may go sooner with the dilation and effacing that happened. I'm having a few owies and other than that I'm just chillin until I can't handle the owies or my water breaks.....if it stays then Friday at 9am we are heading in for them to break it for me.


kristen said...

Yay for the niece on the way! Here's hoping your last few days of incubating go well. I can't wait to meet her. I'll be thinking about you all this week.

And I love your shirt from the previous post. :)

mom L said...

Oh my, I am having trouble focusing on work - or anything else for that matter.
Hope all is well there.
Will be praying for an easy birth!
Love and blessings to you all.

Mom said...

I'll have to second the "trouble focusing on work" I had one gentleman ask me this afternoon when I had finished his transaction if I was going to give him his 2 books of stamps! Imagine that I take his credit card - charge him and then he expects something! Many of my customers asked me how I can just sit here and wait. We'll be there, and just think most likely little miss sassy should be here in less than 2 days Love you all, Mom

haley said...

ahhh! i can't believe it's happening so soon! sending LOOOTS of good vibes and soothing thoughts for the "ouchies". so excited for you guys! lots and lots of love:)