Monday, July 21, 2008

She's Here!!!!!!

Emmalyn "Emma" Louise Larson
7 lbs 20 3/4 inches
July 18, 2008 7:55 pm


Mom said...

She's the most adorable baby you ever saw - and that is without prejudice!! Love all three of you Mom

aunt haley said...

Can I hold her?

SHe's beautiful and I can't wait to meet her! Love you guys.

aunt kristen said...

What a precious little bundle o' baby! I hear she has really long feet (wherever would she get THAT from??) - I hope the wee booties I sent fit her. :)

I'll give you guys a call sometime this week to discuss when might be the best time to come out for a visit. I can't wait to meet her - love to you ALL!

Mrs Goodrich said...

Great Aunt Brie says
Congrats....can't wait to meet her.
was I the closest I guessed 7 lbs 4oz?

Grandma L said...

I agree with "Grandma H" she is absolutely, positively perfect - and who would know better than her Grandmas?
Love you too!