Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I gots some good blood...and some good food.

The doctors office called today...bout gave me a heart attack. They said they would call if blood work wasn't good. Well this one wasn't in on the conversation so she called to say my blood work was outstanding. Yay! She also said I could have a few more minutes up and around (15 minutes every couple of hours). My brother came today and brought me lunch from one of my top lunch choice places and did dishes/shopping/played Scrabble with me and we watched a movie. Now he's cooking one of my top dinners! My mouth is salivating now. It was nice to have someone to pass the time with. He's going to do a few more things around the house and then he's gone in the am.
I get to pee in a bottle tomorrow and then the doctors appt. is Thursday. I also have a appt. with a pediatrician for sassy....not much else for now.

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Mom said...

I'm sure glad Jake was able to go and spend some time with you. He was getting lots done here - but you and Ben obviously needed him more. Good luck tommorrow on both Dr appts. Love you all.