Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nursury Pictures


Mom/Grandma said...

LOVE all the pictures!!! How did you get the name on the sheet??? Are those letters that you can put elsewhere? The curtains turned at nice! -I'd like to see them personally in the room to see what they really look like. Emma is so cute in that "one week" outfit. It's nice to see her without socks on her fists. Looks like that wasn't her "happy moment" when her bath picture was taken. The glow worm picture - sure has her looking tired - even if her eyes are open on that one. Soon all three of you should be getting more sleep. Thanks again for all the photos!! Love to you all! Mom/Grandma

kristen said...

Haley and I have been sitting here going "AWWWWW!" for the past five minutes. :) We want to meet her! Love all the pictures - hope you three are having a good weekend!