Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tomorrow it is!

Well, it seems that she will be liking to stay put until tomorrow now...when they "persuade" her out just a bit. I have had contractions today, but nothing that would constitute a trip to the hospital. We are expecting a storm to come through this evening, hopefully I will still get some sleep. Dad got her shelves hung, picked up her room, fed me, did dishes, and picked up the house a bit and my car.
We will be at the hospital at 9 to get it all started. If you don't hear from me tomorrow have a good weekend!


Mom said...

You'll definitely hear from us tomorrow! We'll be there! i'm not sure what time - but I would be surprised big time if "little miss sassy" beat us there. Get some rest, both of you will need your energy tomorrow to get that little daughter of yours' out. See all three of you tomorrow - Love you Mom

haley said...

i want to be there! and i better be hearin' from you! (or ben if you are occupied with other...things). i love you both so much and wish you much ease for tomorrow! xoxo

kristen said...

Excitement!! :D I'll be thinking of you guys tomorrow. I hope labor goes smoothly for you and the wee one (aren't you glad she won't end up being a 9-pounder??) and that Ben stays strong throughout :) Love you both - can't wait to hear the big news!

Mom L said...

OK - I'll be at work physically - but my thoughts will be with you today. We'll see you this evening sometime. God be with you both as you welcome your daughter into your family.
Love you all.